The Community Homeless Outreach Center is streamlining its administrative and operational structure, effective July 1, 2013, and becoming a part of the Water Street Mission ( Read more in our newsletter.


Opening doors to a better life!

For homeless people living on the street, life can seem like an 
endless downward spiral, with no foothold to start the climb towards a better future. CHOC provides that foothold. Our daytime outreach center in Lancaster offers a safe haven where homeless individuals are 
able to meet their basic hygiene needs and access essential 
human services in a single location. One life at a time, one step
 at a time, CHOC is proving that homelessness is not hopelessness.

We Need Your Help!

CHOC relies solely on private donations to keep its doors open. Through contributions from individuals like you, our Lancaster community center continues to provide daytime homeless outreach and our homelessness programs have helped hundreds of displaced individuals begin on a path to permanent housing and a better life. Will you help us keep this essential work going? * NOTE: Contributions are tax deductible.  

CHOC thanks its corporate contributors!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
The Worship Center
Breneman Printing

St Mary's Church
Lancaster Regional
Miesse Candles
Lime Spring Farm
Hartz Physical Therapy

Kegels Produce
Hogan & Herr
Smile Builderz
Fulton Bank
B & F Properties
Highland Presbyterian Church
Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services


Thank you to our supplies contributors!

David and Margie Adams
Roy W. Flint Dental Office - Fruitville Pike
FPE Dental - Fruitville Pike
Friend Valley/Girl Scout Troop 70105
Hambright Elementary School
McDonalds - King Street
Scooter's Restaurant
James Smallwood, DDS, Neffsville
Angie Stevens
The Crossings Church
Tropical Smoothie Lancaster
Tropical Smoothie Lititz
Worship Center Preschool

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